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For ten days only, zombies are coming to the Brisbane Powerhouse as it transforms into a paramilitary-protected private research facility, where scientists have been weaponising a contagion that zombifies humans.

One problem. There was a leak in the lab.

We’re on the edge of the zombie apocalypse. And now it’s up to you to save the world.

Get ready for Australia’s most ambitious zombie adventure game!


18 – 29 October 2017 | Brisbane Powerhouse

Sessions start every 20 minutes and you will have 60 minutes to save the world

This is your chance to challenge the ordinary in this strategy-based, team adventure game. The zombies might be slow, but you’ll need your wits to stay ahead of the pack. And that delicious, delicious brain.

Containment is an interactive live gaming experience. Think of the zombies from The Walking Dead, crossed with the adventure of World War Z and the story of Resident Evil. Expect to have a lot of fun with your friends evading zombies while seeking the cure.


Who will be on my team?

You will participate solely with your friends, with teams organized on arrival of your booking time. Teams will be between 2-6 people, but if you have more than 6 people, bring them along and we’ll make sure you all start at the same time. There will be other teams in the same experience as you that you will see and may interact with if you wish, but your experience will be your own. To participate with your friends, you must all book into the same session time.

Will it be scary?

This is designed to be a thrill experience rather than a horror or haunt. You will be encountering actors that will appear to be zombies but they will not attack you and you will not have to fight them. Instead, you will be at the centre of the story; tasked with working to reverse the zombie infection and save the Turned. There may be a few scary moments, but there will be safe spaces and staff in all areas you can access if you do not feel comfortable.

Is there an age limit?

Given the nature of this experience, it is restricted to 15 years and older. We encourage anyone under the age of 18 years old to be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old.

Can I have a few drinks before I come?

We ask that you limit your alcohol intake before you come. You will need all your brain cells to be successful! But we encourage you to have a drink at the Powerhouse bar after to debrief your experience. Directors of the Extraordinary reserves the right to refuse entry to any individuals deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs without reschedule or refund for the safety of all involved.


$65 per person

Containment is a 15+ event.

Sessions run every 20 minutes on show days and you will have 60 minutes to save the world. To play with your friends, make sure you all book in at the same time. For session times, see the booking system. View all terms & conditions.

Your adventure awaits

Be part of the Response Team tasked with rescuing the research facility’s lead scientist, helping her extract the antivirus before the walking dead take over.

We’ll ‘infect’ you with a sample of the zombie contagion so you’ll be safe from ‘the Turned’ as you infiltrate the facility.

But for the rest of humanity, there’s no hope – unless you can retrieve the cure.

Success means saving the world.

Failure means a descent into global chaos.



Containment will span the full 4 stories of the Brisbane Powerhouse. This is your only opportunity to access every corner of Brisbane Powerhouse while you hunt for clues to save the world.

Containment is a highly immersive, limited season experience that integrates live adventure gaming, immersive theatre, technology and world creation to create high-fidelity entertainment.


What if we have more than 6 people?

Then you should bring your whole crew! As long as everyone is booked into the same session, we should be able to make sure everyone plays at the same time. So that everyone gets a chance to experience as much as possible, we’ll loosely get you to divide into mini-teams and supply each team with their kit, but your whole crew can essentially all experience the game together.

Is this experience disability friendly?

Yes, we want everybody to participate if they wish! This experience is disability friendly, including wheelchairs. There may be some minor modifications to the experience to accommodate different levels of mobility.

Can we do this as a work event?

Absolutely! Containment will be an amazing experience for a social activity or team building for your company. We’ve developed exclusive packages just for this. Get more details here.

Will I be fighting zombies?

We understand how exciting being part of a zombie apocalypse can be; that’s why we are creating one! But fighting will not be part of this experience – your job will be to complete an incursion into the infection zone, retrieve the cure and ultimately save the Turned. For the safety of our actors and participants, you will not be allowed entry with a weapon (including fake and inflatable items).

What should I wear? Can I dress up?

You will be active during the experience, including walking up and down stairs. Dress comfortably – remember, this is an apocalypse! We will provide you with a hazmat suit (take that into account when choosing your outfit), but we love it when you put your own touch on your experience! We do ask that you don’t come dressed as a zombie though – you will be human during the experience.

Will I have any sensitivity issues?

Containment will use theatrical elements including smoke & haze, low lighting and flickering lights (though no strobes). If you require an asthma puffer we encourage you to carry this with you. Before entering any area using flickering lights, there will be a warning displayed. You have the option to skip these sections if needed – please inform our staff. There will always be staff at hand to offer assistance and you may step out of the experience at any time if required.

Can I be a zombie?

Yes you can! We have volunteering opportunities available where you will have the chance to get fully zombified and be a zombie in Containment. There are also other volunteering areas including registration and production we’d love you to be involved with. Get all the details.


Bring your work group to something truely extraordinary.

More thrill than chill, this corporate team building opportunity truly has a twist of the extraordinary. We have reserved exclusive session times and developed a special package for corporate groups to compete in the corporate zombie challenge.