Make your next student activity something extraordinary with incursion activities for leadership, learning, team building and enrolment screening.

Hands-on learning school incursions

When providing student activities, balancing student engagement, learning outcomes and logistics is an art form. If you’re looking for an amazing, affordable, but easy-to-organise school incursion, our experiences are crafted for you.

Based on the premise that you can ‘learn anything when it’s fun’, we have designed challenging, tangible and fun puzzle scenarios that tap into the curriculum elements of science, technology, english, arts and maths.

Puzzle Masters School Incursions


A fun team challenge where nimble minds will win the day. Teams go head-to-head in a race for the most points gained by solving puzzles of varying difficulty on a customised tablet app.

Perfect for:

Leadership developmentPre-enrolment screeningTeam buildingAfter school & holiday programs
1.5 hours
Teams of 4 – 6
We come to you
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Great Divide School Incursions


The ultimate team strategy challenge. Teams must firstly earn as much currency as they can through puzzle solving before strategically spending it on items to craft their ultimate water carrying contraption.

Perfect for:

Advanced leadership developmentPre-enrolment screeningStudent extension programsPersonal & social capability testing
3 hours
Teams of 3 – 4
We come to you
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Grid Locked School Incursions


A super fun game built for students to play at their own pace. Individuals or teams need to locate and complete as many challenges as possible to win points. Finding the puzzles is half the fun!

Perfect for:

Open daysInduction daysSchool fetesActivity days
Teams of 1+
We come to you
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Technology built just for you

We’ve designed and built an app from the ground up specifically to facilitate our experiences. We have done this with your students in mind to give them the most fun and compelling school incursion. Every aspect of the app can be customised to your school and your needs. We even bring the devices. Ask us for a demo!

“Puzzle Masters presents learning in the guise of fun and competition. Anything that has 15 year old boys racing around trying to problem solve is a thoroughly worthwhile experience in my opinion.”

Ros PetersAmbrose Treacy College | Information Services Coordinator

“I would definitely recommend this experience to other schools. Directors of the Extraordinary were very efficient, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Their resources were highly effective, extremely well presented and professional.”

Dianne GoggiBrisbane State School | Head of Transitions

“I would recommend this experience without hesitation, everyone got really involved and the two hours went by really quickly. I really think that the group enjoyed working with people that they don't normally get to work with.”

Kym NissanSt Peters College | Deputy Head of Junior School

Witness your students having a blast

We believe you can learn anything if you make it fun! We deliver hands-on experiences that deeply engage students from start to finish while meeting curriculum objectives. Through use of gamification, we immerse students into a narrative where they must work in teams to creatively solve puzzle-based problems.

It works. Well.

What we do works because it is different.

In line with current research, we know that fun, game-based play is highly effective in learning. In the complex and changing circumstances that our programs provide, students have the opportunity to develop Australian Curriculum capabilities, together with:

  • Curriculum learning areas of maths, english, arts, science and general knowledge
  • Team work and leadership
  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving
  • Interpersonal skills and personal resilience

School Incursions you can trust

We are an incursion company; we come to you!

Save on the costs and logistics of travel; we come to your school or a venue of your choosing and can use almost any space.  Our set up needs differ depending on which experience we are running, but we are committed to working with what you can give us to make it extraordinary!

We promise to be different but accessible.

What we do goes well beyond sitting and listening. Our commitment is to deliver dynamic interactive experiences for your students that gets them moving and working together. Our goal is to deliver a memorable experience that everyone will enjoy and that gives them something to talk about it long after it is finished.

We take your (time) investment seriously, focusing on moments of discovery.

We appreciate how difficult it can be to take time out of the classroom to do something like this. Our experiences are compact and intensive, delivered over 1.5-3 hours with a small amount of planning required.  We focus on moments of discovery, taking students outside of their usual context to facilitate ‘a-ha’ moments that make a difference.

We tailor experiences to focus on the outcomes most relevant to your students.

Our experiences are dynamic and can be used to draw out learnings and team dynamics in a number of ways.  We are particularly good at drawing out learnings around leadership, social connections, group dynamics, critical thinking and problem solving, while linking back into curriculum objectives.

We make your job easy.

We focus on making booking and organization easy because we appreciate how busy and full your job is already! We also deliver our experiences in or outdoors.

We work with most age groups.

Our experiences can be tailored to any age group from upper primary school to high school. Ask us about our more complex team building experiences that work well for year 11 and 12 student groups.

We keep pricing simple.

Our pricing structure scales to match the size of your cohort to keep the experience affordable. And because we come to you there’s no bus or transport costs! Contact us now to receive your tailored quote.

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